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:: cleansing our seas ::


At omness, we believe that being an earth conscious individual is of the utmost importance. The healing powers of our earth's nature are profound. Being based in Australia, Bali, as well as Southern California, we have been fortunate enough to live in some of the worlds most beautiful cultures and climates.  

Upon relocating to Bali, we soon found that a social responsibility for awareness was necessary in order to protect the places we call home. The stunning beauty of Bali is unmatched with its pristine blue oceans, vast green rice field terraces, endless fruit tree jungles, stunning waterfalls and mountain landscapes. However, with the booming influx of tourism, as well as an outdated awareness of waste reduction, the islands beauty is placed at stake.  

The amount of litter and lack of reusable resources/recycling on the island is easily apparent, and can be greatly improved with a little effort and awareness to visitors and locals alike. Simple tricks such as carrying a water canteen and refilling instead of buying new plastic bottles, or carrying a reusable grocery sack to shop or take food to go, can greatly reduce the amount of plastics that we consume daily.

The truth is, being mindful requires effort, but a lack of mindfulness will soon find Bali's landscapes tarnished by the hand of consumerism.  Thats why omness aims to do what it can in order to help keep this island magical. Proceeds from our sarong sales will go to the benefit of the island and its people. By hosting beach clean up events, we hope to make a direct physical impact on the amount of waste that gets sent out into our seas. In addition to this, we hope our efforts will be noticed by others, and a sense of awareness and responsibility will spread to respect nature, and to protect it as best we can. 

We are all connected, living on the same earth, sharing the cycles of birth and rebirth in all forms of nature. To neglect our home is to neglect our wellbeing. Take pride in mindful behaviour, and take pride in making a difference.