hand-made sarongs

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:: o m n e s s ::


omness is an illustration textile house embedding the sacred sound’s primal energies into soulful art. Founded in 2016 by Jules, an Australian illustrator, omness began as a print company selling exclusive prints. Delving into the production of sarongs on the beaches of Bali, she now hopes to build on making ocean friendly products that give back to the local community. 

:: omness is a way of life ::

It is that bohemian dream, everyone hopes to attain. That moment of serenity- for the free-spirited, for the inspired. For the one who lives and breathes by the ocean- the one who was born to travel. For the yogi who lives by moon. It is designed to be loved as a means of meditation.

To be cared for, to comfort to bring clarity.

Our sarongs are all hand-made individually with love in Bali, Indonesia, adopting locally sourced materials and seaweed dyes. Our sarongs are designed to be used for relaxation, as a reminder to stop, pause and breathe.